Seymour Dental ServicesEsthetic Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry (also known as cosmetic) offers options to help improve the appearance of your smile. We offer consultations to discuss with you what can be done to help you obtain the smile you want.

This can include:

  • Treatments to make the teeth brighter through in office or at home whitening
  • Changing the size and shape of the teeth often with the use of crowns or veneers
  • Repairing decayed, broken, or chipped teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Changing the alignment of your teeth
  • Replacing old, unattractive fillings and crowns
  • Improving the contour and symmetry of your gums

Our Services Comprehensive Dental Care

We offer a caring and convenient solution to your dental examinations and hygiene, to restoring your smile and to addressing all kinds of dental emergencies.